Funding foster carers – response to survey on cost of living crisis


A survey of foster carers conducted by FosterWiki has highlighted the serious financial pressures on the sector as the cost of living crisis continues to mount. This echoes the findings of our State of the Nation 2021 survey of over 3,000 foster carers, which showed that for over a third of foster carers their allowances do not meet the full cost of looking after a child. 

As we conduct our annual review of allowances, we have found that around two thirds of services in England have increased their allowances so far, and we expect others to follow suit. However, in light of these recent survey results, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that foster carers are provided with adequate financial support to meet all the needs of the children they care for. 

In our State of the Nation 2021 report, we urged governments across the UK to undertake a comprehensive review of the minimum levels of fostering allowances set in their respective countries – these are now well overdue. In Scotland, there is still no national minimum allowance for foster carers in place, so the Government must take action now to introduce and fund this. 

If foster carers are to continue providing stable, loving homes for children and young people, they must be well funded to do so. It is the responsibility of all UK governments to ensure this happens.