Foster care agreements

When a fostering service approves someone as a foster carer, they are required to enter into a written agreement with them – this is called the foster care (or in Scotland a foster carer) agreement. It is a written agreement made between the fostering service and the foster carer when they are first approved and is revisited at every foster care review.

Fostering legislation and regulations respective to each country of the UK set out what must be included in a foster care (or carer) agreement – this includes the fostering service’s expectations of its foster carers, what the service are able to offer and the support and training a foster carer can expect.

A number of areas should be included within the agreement, such as:

  • The care to be provided for a child
  • Notification of significant changes and events
  • The role of the foster carer
  • Support from the fostering service

It is important that supervising social workers and foster carers understand the implications of the agreement.

The Fostering Network has produced a Practice Information Note on Foster Care(r) agreements (updated September 2022) for our members. The purpose of this Practice Information Note is to give clarity on the legislation and provide recommendations for practice.

Each service will decide on its policy and practice based on the needs of the children and young people in its care and its foster carer population. Our practice support team can provide additional support and guidance for member fostering services reviewing policy or practice.

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September 2022