Moving On

'Moving On – positive transitions through and out of foster care' is an exciting project in Scotland meeting the need expressed by foster carers for more support around transitions throughout the foster care experience. This project supports the emotional and mental wellbeing of all members of foster families and care experienced children and young people. In addition, we explore and discuss how best to continue relationships between children in care and former foster families.

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the Moving On project is a two year project focusing on supporting any and all significant transitions during a child's and a foster family's foster care experience.

What's going on for Foster Carers?

Upcoming events

Weds 20th April - Learning How to Take Care of You -  a well-being event for foster carers. Aware of the emotional strain that fostering can put on families and foster carers this event will explore the counselling types that exist, as well as delivering some strategies and training about foster carers' own mental health. When we look after ourselves we're in a better position to look after others. To book your place online or in person for FREE email

Tues 10th May - Loss and Change Training for foster and kinship carers with Children's Health Scotland. Again you can find out more or register for this training by emailing



What's going on for Young People?

If you are a young person aged 8 or over there are lots of ways to be involved with this project and to make your voice heard about how transitions can be the best possible.

Interested in being a part a podcast?

A group of young people with care experience are keen to make a podcast to share positive stories from care as well as to interview social workers and other professionals to discuss what we can all do to make fostering the best it can be.

We need people with ideas, people who want to be hosts, guests, assist with production and marketing so there is definitely a place for you here! To find out more email and she'd be happy to have a chat! 

Feeling crafty?

We know that talking and thinking about the future can be tricky but it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. We're developing craft kits to help young people with care experience explore what they want for their future and what one question they would ask their future self. 

To be involved in making these craft kits or to be the first to get your hands on them email 


What change does this project hope to see? 

This project aims to increase resilience by paying attention to and supporting the emotional costs of placement endings. In addition, the Moving On project will gather information to make recommendations to foster placement providers and other professionals about how best to consistently implement the important principles of Keep Connected and The Promise.

We hope that for foster carers this will improve their emotional and mental wellbeing and help retain them as foster carers.

For children within families who foster we hope to similarly equip them with tools to help them name and manage their feelings of loss when a child leaves their household.

This project will listen to children and young people with care experience and will feedback to teams around the child as to how best to help the child feel prepared for changes and transitions, including entering into adulthood.

And finally, we hope to help relationships to continue beyond the end of placements, with the dream of every care experienced young person and adult always having someone to turn to.

To find out more about the project or to express interest in one of the groups mentioned, email the project worker Bethany at She'll be glad to hear from you!