Something bad happened

Dr Dawn Huebner is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxious children. Her latest book Something Bad Happened guides children and the adults who care about them through tough conversations about serious world events in the news. Here she tells Daniel Sinclair about the book and her motivation for writing it

By DavidEggboro on March,19th 2020

This is my home: Growing up in foster care

We spoke to children and young people in foster care across England and Wales who shared with us the positive impact of foster care on their lives but also what they want to see change. Read on to hear the children and young people’s recommendations to the governments in England and Wales.

By IsobelMintz on June,19th 2024

Six priorities for the new Welsh First Minister

After Vaughan Gething MS was appointed the new First Minister of Wales in March 2024, we reflected on what the top priorities for children's social care should be moving forward. 

By TamzinCovell on May,1st 2024