Response to IPSO ruling of inaccuracy against The Times


The Times published a ruling on its inaccurate coverage of a young girl’s fostering arrangement with Muslim foster carers in Tower Hamlets, after the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) upheld a complaint from Tower Hamlets Council about the article from August 2017.

IPSO found that the Times article incorrectly implied that a judge made a decision to remove the girl from the carers’ home because the placement was failing. However, in fact, the local authority had applied to the court for the child to be moved so she could live with her grandmother.

The judge had also found that the girl had been well cared for during her time in foster care.

In response to this ruling The Fostering Network’s chief executive, Kevin Williams, said: ‘I welcome this ruling. Last year’s article was damaging to the reputation of the individual foster carers, the fostering service and fostering as a whole. I hope those responsible for the article at The Times are able to offer a personal apology to the foster carers and fostering service staff involved in the story as well as recognising the transformational work foster carers do every day around the UK.

‘I hope the ruling will ensure future reporting of fostering matters in The Times will be nuanced and accurate, as it can often be a highly sensitive and complex subject matter.

‘I would like to applaud Tower Hamlets Council for pursuing this matter and I would also like to thank the foster carers in this case, who did a fantastic job of offering the child a stable and loving home.’

Read the ruling in The Times and the response from Tower Hamlets Council.