Select committee report into homelessness welcomed


The Fostering Network welcomes the communities and local government select committee report into homelessness, and their recommendation for Government to consider reviewing the transition to independence for care leavers.

Jackie Sanders, director of public affairs at The Fostering Network, said: 'The communities and local government select committee heard that 24 per cent of homeless people are care experienced and are rightly calling for more research and evidence to be gathered as to why these two things are so inextricably linked.

'It is reassuring that the committee recognised that young people who have support withdrawn from them after independence face enormous challenges. Given that many care experienced young people have faced immense challenges in their childhood and teenage years a lack of support from their corporate parent can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to being able to cope with the rigours of independence compared to their peers who may still receive familial support.

'Staying Put has gone a long way to supporting fostered young people post-18 but we cannot leave those for who Staying Put is not right or available at the risk of homelessness, debt, and a continuation of the cycle of care. These are all threats that hang over the heads of far too many of our care leavers.'