Launch of a new guide for foster carers supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children


The Fostering Network has today launched its new guide for foster carers on supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children. The guide, which is relevant UK-wide and is suitable for foster carers who are new to caring for unaccompanied asylum seeking children or who have been doing so for some time, is available to download as an eBook for £2 each or £20 for 20. Printed versions of the guide can also be arranged on request.

James Foyle, business development manager at The Fostering Network said: ‘Fostering services and foster carers have been telling us that they would like information and advice on supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children,  which is why we have developed this new guide.  

‘We know that it is vital that foster carers are trained and supported to deal with the particular challenges of meeting the needs of these children. As well as the usual tasks a foster carer will carry out, they will also need to support unaccompanied asylum seeking children through the process of applying for permission to stay in the UK, and possibly to prepare for return. Many unaccompanied asylum seeking children will also have particular emotional, practical, language and cultural needs that their foster carers will have to manage and support.

‘Our new guide has all the information and advice that foster carers need to care for and advocate on behalf of unaccompanied asylum seeking children. This includes an easy to understand flow chart of the asylum process and a table that breaks down each stage of the process and what foster carers need to and can do at each point. We have also included information about the organisations and services that are available to help unaccompanied asylum seeking children and the people that are caring for them.’

Judith Dennis from the Refugee Council said: ‘This guide has all the essential information that foster carers need to know about the asylum process and how to support unaccompanied children in the asylum system. It is a vital resource for helping foster carers understand what processes need to be followed and how they can best support the child.’

Find out more about fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children on our website.