Funding from the Welsh Government

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In response to the news that The Fostering Network has received increased funding for the next three years from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant, Dr Emily Warren, director of The Fostering Network Wales, said: ‘We are delighted to have received new core funding from the Welsh Government. We believe that it shows a level of trust in our ability to deliver transformational programmes to improve outcomes for fostered young people in Wales, and we look forward to working with ADSS, WLGA and other third sector partners to deliver these programmes at a national, regional and local level.

‘The funding will allow us to continue supporting fostering families as they look after over 4,200 fostered children and young people every day. This support includes Fosterline Wales which provides a high quality, bi-lingual information and advice line to current and prospective foster carers and other professionals involved in fostering.

‘We will also be supporting local authorities with the recruitment and retention of foster carers, helping to deliver the Foster Carers’ Charter in Wales, and establishing an ambassadors scheme for foster carers and fostered young people which will represent the voice of fostering across Wales.

‘We are particularly excited that this funding will allow us to bring The Fostering Network’s pioneering Fostering Achievement model to Wales, enabling foster carers, teachers and social workers to gain the skills, competence and confidence needed to help inspire and equip children to fulfil their potential.

‘Over four-fifths of the children in care who are looked after away from home and family are being looked after by foster carers, and our role in supporting those carers and advocating for them has never been more important.  Foster carers perform an invaluable duty on behalf of the state, one that really serves the whole community in Wales. We are very pleased that this has been recognised by the Welsh Government.’