When I am Ready FAQs published


The Fostering Network in Wales has published a new resource aimed at answering questions regarding the implementation of When I am Ready amendment, part of Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, which comes into force in April 2016.

When I am Ready will give all young people living in foster care in Wales the right to remain living with their foster carers once they reached 18 years of age, and came about following a campaign by The Fostering Network in Wales.

The document draws on the questions, ideas and suggestions presented through our national consultation work with foster carers, fostering practitioners and staff across Wales. These questions and answers will be particularly relevant to practitioners and managers in children’s social care services, independent reviewing officers, foster carers, and looked after young people. 

This new resource doesn’t provide all the answers to When I am Ready planning and support, as the circumstances and needs of every individual will be different. However, this resource will assist fostering services to fulfil their duties effectively, assist fostering services to support foster carers to take on the role of When I am Ready carers, and help foster carers and other professionals to understand what is expected of them in relation to When I am Ready.

The areas that this resource cover include finance, pathway planning, higher education, and much more, and it is available to download from The Fostering Network website.

For more information about When I am Ready in Wales, visit our website, or contact Maria Boffey on 029 2044 0940 or wales@fostering.net