More foster carers needed to support unaccompanied refugee children


In light of the ongoing refugee crisis that is affecting children, particularly from Syria, The Fostering Network is calling for more people to come forward and consider becoming a foster carer.

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, said: “When children from throughout the world arrive alone in the UK, it is approved foster carers who offer them homes and security, with the support of their local authority and fostering service. 

“With the announcement that the UK will welcome thousands of refugees in the coming months, even more foster carers across the UK will be called into action to provide for children who arrive in the country. And more foster carers are urgently needed, with over 2,000 unaccompanied children applying for asylum between January and June alone.

“Because of the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the south-east is already experiencing a significant increase in the need for foster carers. Fostering can provide children with stability, care, love and support at such a critical time, and our existing care system will prove invaluable in having a positive effect on the lives of these children, who often arrive with nothing and no-one.

“In order to provide stable longer-term support to refugee children, we would encourage people who have experience of working with children who have suffered trauma or loss to apply to become foster carers. However, don’t rule yourself out before contacting your local fostering service to see if your skills and experiences can provide loving and stable homes for children.

“It is also important that people from the same communities or speak the same languages as refugee children, who already settled in the UK and who will be able to support a smooth transition for children arriving unaccompanied come forward. Please visit to find your local fostering service.”