Long-term fostering regulations welcomed in England


The Fostering Network has welcomed the strengthening of long-term foster care in England by new regulations which came into force on 1 April. 

The amendment to the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010 introduces a new definition of a long term foster care placement, and sets out the conditions which must be met. They also allow for a reduction in the frequency of reviews on a case by case basis, after the child has been in the placement for at least one year, and they introduce new provisions on children returning home from care. 

Madeleine Tearse, policy manager at The Fostering Network, said: “We broadly welcome the introduction of the new regulations. They will be very helpful in terms of introducing a consistent definition of long-term foster care placements across England, and in setting out the key steps and commitments involved for all parties. The changes will rightly strengthen the importance of foster care as a permanence option for children and young people in care. 
“We look forward to working with the fostering community to implement the regulations and new guidance. It has the potential to deliver a better experience of security and belonging in a fostering family for many children in care for whom return home is not a possibility.”

You can read the regulations and the guidance on the Government’s website.