The Fostering Network backs LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week 2015


LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week 2015 is taking place from Monday 2 March to Sunday 8 March 2015, and is run by the UK’s largest network for LGBT adopter’s and foster carers, the charity New Family Social.

James Foyle, foster carer recruitment expert at The Fostering Network, welcomed the week saying: “LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of people who can and do foster. It is a time for fostering services to consider how they engage with the LGBT community, address any misconceptions that may exist and help those thinking of fostering to identify whether they have the right skills and qualities to foster.
“By applying to become part of the fostering community, yours could be one of around 55,000 households across the UK caring for and making a difference to the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable children. Your experience and knowledge could be the difference in helping a young person in your care achieve their full potential.
“The journey can be difficult and it is a role that requires patience and perseverance, but the ultimate outcome can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling decisions you ever make.”

If you believe you have the skills to foster then visit to find out more.

You can find out more about LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week, and their events throughout the UK this week, on their website.