After care provisions come into force in Scotland


The Fostering Network Scotland is delighted that from today, children in foster care in Scotland will have the right to remain living with their foster carers until the age of 21, as the aftercare provisions of the Children and Young People Act 2014 come into force

This new duty for Scottish local authorities was achieved thanks to many years of campaigning by The Fostering Network, including our successful Don’t Move Me campaign, and further campaigning by a number of key organisations, including Who Cares Scotland, Aberlour and Barnardo’s Scotland. 

Sara Lurie, director of The Fostering Network Scotland, said “I am delighted that this new legal right has now come into force. It will help to ensure that young people in Scotland have the opportunity to enter adulthood supported by the foster families that have devoted their lives to caring for them. 

“The Fostering Network, together with its members, has campaigned tirelessly on this issue for many years. The evidence has always shown that it will make real change for young people who have previously faced the prospect of living alone too soon, and we look forward to working with fostering services and foster carers in Scotland to ensure that every young person who wants to take advantage of this new opportunity is able to do so.”

You can watch MSP’s discuss why allowing young people to stay put matters to them on The Fostering Network's YouTube channel