In response to the announcement that the Scottish Government are to invest £10million in equalling kinship care allowances locally to those of foster carers, Sara Lurie, director of The Fostering Network Scotland, said: “The Fostering Network in Scotland is calling for a commitment from the Scottish Government to introduce minimum fostering allowances, and therefore parity from service to service, following on from their promise to bring kinship care allowances to the same level as fostering allowances.

Having been successful in achieving recognition of the need for official national minimum rates, The Fostering Network will not be making further recommendations on the levels of fostering allowances from the beginning of the financial year 2016-17, after many years of making such recommendations. Instead we will now take on the role of critiquing national minimum recommendations and influencing local decision-making about the setting of allowances.

In light of the ongoing refugee crisis that is affecting children, particularly from Syria, The Fostering Network is calling for more people to come forward and consider becoming a foster carer.

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, said: “When children from throughout the world arrive alone in the UK, it is approved foster carers who offer them homes and security, with the support of their local authority and fostering service.