Placement limits to be introduced in Scotland

The Fostering Network today welcomes the news that the Scottish Government has laid down in the Scottish Parliament an amendment to The Looked after Children (Scotland) Regulations to introduce placement limits to foster care.

This amendment, which comes into force on 29 December 2014, means that it will become unlawful for children to be accommodated in a foster care placement with more than two other unrelated, looked after children. The law will not be applicable to placements that are already set up and functioning successfully, but it will apply if a child is moved into a new placement. 
Sara Lurie, director of The Fostering Network Scotland, said: “Placement limits have long been a priority for The Fostering Network. We know that a limit on the number of children in fostering households can mean that foster carers have more time to devote to meeting the needs of each child.
“A stable fostering placement, with highly trained and skilled foster carers who have the time to meet a child’s needs, can make a lifetime of difference. This is a move by the Scottish Government that will make a long lasting and real positive difference and we are proud to have led this campaign with support from foster carers and fostering services throughout the country.”
You can find more details on the progress of the Foster Care Review on the Scottish Government website.