E-cigarette position statement published


The Fostering Network, in partnership with Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), has issued a new position statement on smoking and the use of e-cigarettes.

The position statement describes the shared policy position of The Fostering Network and ASH in relation to foster care, adoption and smoking, as we work to protect the welfare and interests of fostered and adopted children. It also considers the impact of exposing children to smoking and the subsequent impact on their behaviours. 

Helen Keaney, practice support team manager at The Fostering Network, said: “It is universally known, and widely accepted, that smoking is deadly, addictive and that the behaviour can pass from generation to generation. The position on smoking of tobacco products remains the same: foster carers should not smoke in the presence of children.

“In addition we have considered the emergence of e-cigarettes, and consider the current research evidence provides no compelling reasons for restricting the use of e-cigarettes.  Therefore foster carers should not be prevented from fostering or applying to foster because of their use of e-cigarettes.

“However, we strongly encourage foster carers not to use e-cigarettes in front of children and young people until more evidence is gained about the role modelling effect of this on the smoking behaviour of children more generally.”

The position statement will be subject to review as more research is undertaken in respect of e-cigarettes.

You can find the full position statement on The Fostering Network’s website.