Scottish Government announce raise of age of foster care

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Media release

In response to the Scottish Government's announcement that young people in care who turn 16 from 1 April 2015 will be able to stay until 21, director of the Fostering Network Scotland Sara Lurie, said:

“We are pleased that the Scottish Government has recognised the importance of ensuring young people in care can stay beyond the age of 18, and is making this change to the law.

“The Fostering Network has long campaigned for fostered young people to stay with their foster carers beyond 18 as part of our Don't Move Me campaign, and this move in Scotland follows the success of our campaign in England.

“However, we are extremely disappointed that the change in the law in Scotland will not help fostered young people who are aged 15 or over on 1 April 2014. We don't want to see hundreds of fostered young people in Scotland missing out on what their peers in England will be entitled to as of this April. They will instead face the prospect of having to leave their foster homes before 18, while those just slightly younger will be able to stay until 21.

“We urge the Scottish Government to reconsider and implement this change from 1 April 2014 for all young people in foster care, as has been achieved in England.

“Any delay is harmful and unnecessary. The Scottish Government has shown the way with the principle of young people staying until 21 and we strongly encourage local authorities to start implementing this change straight away."