State of the Nation's Foster Care 2018

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Every two years we take the pulse of fostering to discover the most important issues facing foster carers. Last time in 2016 you told us that improving finances, peer support, and foster carer status were key to making foster care better.

The 2018 survey closed on 31 August and we are now analysing the results. We are absolutely delighted that over 4,000 foster carers took the time to take part in the survey. This is over 7 per cent of the entire foster carer population of the UK, which is a fantastic sample size and will ensure that we can be confident that the views expressed will be truly representative of foster carers. 

Now the big task of analysis begins, which will take us through to December. We plan to publish the report of the findings at the end of the year.

You can find out more about how we used the data from 2016 to bring about change

In episode 7 of our podcast you can hear from foster carers who have completed the survey and why they think it is important.