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Fostering Excellence is an exciting programme from The Fostering Network in Wales which will deliver a four-year programme (2016 - 2020) of interventions aimed to improve the life chances of looked after children and young people in Wales.

Fostering Excellence is one of a number of innovative programmes run by The Fostering Network.

For more information about Fostering Excellence please email the programme team below or you can call the Wales office on 02920 440940.
For media enquiries email The Fostering Network’s media team or ring 020 7620 6441.

About Fostering Excellence

Fostering Excellence is our national programme of improvement and support, placing foster carers at the centre of the team around the child. Through our bespoke programme of work, we will improve the experience of looked after children in Wales, support foster carers to provide permanent, stable and aspiring homes, and ensure that looked after children in Wales are able to make a positive and valued contribution to future generations.

We will work with social services, education and with health, recognising that these are the key services that a child or young person will come into almost daily contact with. The programme is structured into seven bespoke areas, matching the needs that foster carers, fostering services, other professionals and looked after children have told us they require greater support on.

The programme will deliver in seven areas of work:

1. Recruitment and retention of foster carers - Fostering Excellence will work closely with local authorities, supporting them to improve recruitment and retention rates, drawing on our successful Values Modes work which focuses on understanding what motivates prospective foster carers to come forward.

2. Implementation of a Foster Carers’ Charter for Wales – The charter sets out mutual roles and responsibilities, which are ‘owned’ by both foster carers and the fostering service. In this way, a framework is created with which to improve the lives of children in care. The programme will enable fostering services to develop their own local charter, so that foster carers get the recognition they deserve and need, to provide children with the best possible care.

Find out more about the Welsh foster carers' charter here

3. Fostering Achievement masterclasses – Based on recent research into educational needs in wales, Fostering Excellence will deliver masterclasses to foster carers, school staff, social workers and wider professionals across Wales, which will cover specialist topics such as SEN, the impact of attachment on learning, speech, language and communication and ADHD.

Find out more about the masterclass topics here.

4. Thrive: Young Voices, a dedicated magazine for looked after children – Fostering Excellence will work with young people to produce and publish Thrive magazines. Acting as an important form of support for young people in foster care, it also enables young people to have their voices heard.

5. Young people and foster carer ambassadors – Development of Wales’s first ambassador scheme within fostering. Our ambassadors have an important role in offering peer to peer support, promoting fostering to the wider community and working with other professionals to help inform policy and practice. 

Find our more about becoming a Youth Ambassador.

Find out more about becoming a Foster Carer Ambassador.

6. Fosterline Wales advice line – Now in its twelfth year, Fostering Excellence will build on the success of Fosterline Wales, increasing provision of information, advice, and support by developing a new online information hub. Fosterline Wales is run by The Fostering Network and funded by the Welsh Government. It is an independent and confidential advice line for the public on all matters related to fostering. You can call Fosterline Wales on 0800 316 7664 from 9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday.

7. Training for the whole team around the child - Our training is designed to meet the identified learning and development needs of the team around the child, supporting children and young people in Wales to achieve their best possible outcomes. We are constantly updating and adding to our portfolio of courses for foster carers, social workers and professionals from the education and health sectors. All of our training can be delivered in house for your agency and commissioned jointly or regionally, while our most popular subjects are included in our annual open course programme. Our highly skilled and experienced associates will also develop bespoke training and consultancy programmes for your organisation.

Our training reflects the core requirements of the All Wales Health and Social Care Induction Framework and Post Approval Learning and Development Framework for foster carers. Attending our courses will equip participants with evidence of knowledge and skills to include in their learning and development portfolios.