Fostering Achievement

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​Fostering Achievement is a unique programme in Northern Ireland that works with foster and kinship carers as primary educators to improve educational outcomes for looked after children in foster care.

Fostering Achievement is one of a range of innovative programmes that The Fostering Network runs to improve foster care and outcomes for fostered young people.

For more information about Fostering Achievement telephone The Fostering Network in Northern Ireland on 028 9070 5056, email Nikki Gregg or visit the Fostering Achievement website.

​For media enquiries regarding Fostering Achievement email The Fostering Network's media team or phone 020 7620 6441.

About Fostering Achievement

Fostering Achievement is a universal programme commissioned by the Health and Social Care Board and delivered in partnership with all five statutory Health and Social Care Trusts and independent fostering providers. 

Fostering Achievement aims to improve the educational outcomes of children and young people in foster care through the provision of educational supports and resources to support a child’s educational and personal development. This may include one to one tuition, driving lessons, provision of IT equipment or activities such as music lessons and sports coaching. 

In addition, the scheme offers a full programme of summer activities including Primary Summer Schemes which encourage fun based learning, Teen Adventure activity based residential programmes and Pathways to University residentials to encourage aspiration.

Fostering Achievement recognises the crucial role that foster carers play in encouraging and supporting fostered children and young people to gain a sense of achievement and to reach their potential. The scheme also offers all foster carers additional tailored support and training to assist them in helping to improve the educational outcomes for these children.

Fostering Achievement has produced significant improvements in educational outcomes for children in foster care and proves that with the right support all children can achieve their full potential. The scheme has also proved to be a truly effective partnership, delivering resources and support to 13,905 young people over the last 10 years.


The Fostering Network has been delivering Fostering Achievement in Northern Ireland since 2007 and the impact of the programme is increasingly apparent in improved outcomes for young people. Of those young people in receipt of tuition from Fostering Achievement and taking GCSEs in 2016, more than twice as many gained five or more A*-C grades compared to the general looked after child population. 

For more information about Fostering Achievement telephone The Fostering Network in Northern Ireland on 028 9070 5056, email project manager Nikki Gregg or visit the Fostering Achievement website.