Fostering and smoking

The Fostering Network is committed to ensuring that all children and young people in care are able to live healthy lives. We have produced Practice Information Notes for members on fostering, smoking and e-cigarettes in England, Scotland, and Wales.

The welfare and health needs of fostered children and young people should be paramount and at the heart of foster care. We believe that children and young people are entitled to live in smoke-free homes.

From the outset, the fostering service needs to have a dialogue with both applicants and approved foster carers about smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes within the context of fostering children.

Fostering services should actively support foster carers and young people to access good quality information on the risks of smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes and signpost to the relevant health professionals and services.

Fostering services should review their smoking policy and guidance on smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes to support foster carers and young people’s understanding around implications for their health and wellbeing.

The Fostering Network has produced Practice Information Notes on foster care and smoking in England (2015), Scotland (2015) and Wales (2015), for our members. The purpose of these Practice Information Notes is to review the current information and knowledge relating to smoking and electronic cigarettes, outline the key issues and examine implications for foster care and provide best practice recommendations.

Each fostering service will decide on its policy and practice based on the needs of the children and young people in its care and its foster carer population. Our practice experts can provide additional support and guidance for member fostering services reviewing their policy and practice.

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