Foster carers' charter

The Fostering Network has long campaigned that foster carers should be regarded as full members of the team working with a child. A charter that is agreed by placing authorities in their role as corporate parent, fostering services and their foster carers will help to make this a reality. For local authorities, the lead member should also sign the agreement. A charter is an agreement between a placing authority in their role as corporate parent, a fostering service and foster carers that sets out each party’s roles and responsibilities.

We first produced a charter in 2011 in consultation with our members, and have recently revamped it with support from a range of organisations including the Department for Education, ADCS and FosterTalk.  Charters represent an important step towards foster carers being treated and respected as the professionals that they are so that foster carers get the recognition they deserve and need to provide children with the best possible care.

We want to see a foster carers' charter in place at every fostering service in the UK. Visit our campaign page to find out more.

Download the charter