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The Fostering Network has campaigned for foster care allowances over the course of its more than 40-year history. Following the introduction of minimum allowances for fostered children in Wales, Northern Ireland and England, Scotland is now the only country in the UK not to have a national minimum allowance.

About allowances in Scotland

***update September 2017** A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our campaign by emailing the First Minister in Scotland to ask her to introduce national minimum allowances! The Scottish Government has announced a national review of care allowances, and is now convening a working group, in which we are to be involved. After years of campaigning it now looks likely that progress will be made. ***

Background to the campaign

Allowances for foster carers are supposed to cover the costs of looking after a fostered child. In Scotland, these allowances vary widely between local authorities. The Scottish Government’s stated ambition is to ‘make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up.’ We believe that, in order to achieve this, it is vital to ensure that fostered children do not receive different standards of care depending on where in Scotland they live.

A 2016 freedom of information request to all 32 local authorities in Scotland has shown that some foster carers in Scotland received as little as £77.69 per week which meant that they were having to subsidise the care of children on behalf of the local authority. The 2015 announcement by the Scottish Government that kinship carers in Scotland would receive the same allowances as foster carers means that until minimum allowances are introduced they are also condemning kinship carers to the same postcode lottery as foster carers.

As long ago as 2006, the Scottish Government promised to look into foster care allowances as part of the National Fostering and Kinship Care Strategy consultation. In 2014, in response to the Foster Care Review, the Scottish Government said that they would form a steering group to look into developing a scheme of allowances. In November 2015, the Scottish Government reiterated their commitment to forming a steering group to look into developing a scheme of allowances. In late 2016 there was a reassurance that a working group would be brought together to explore the issue of allowances. However, as yet, despite a decade of promises, there has been no progress and there are no timescales or details.

We believe that the Scottish Government should implement without delay a system of national minimum allowances, which ensures that all foster carers are given an allowance which covers the costs of fostering. We are concerned that the introduction of minimum allowances could be drawn in to the root and branch review of the child care system that is due to take place in Scotland - this must not be allowed to happen as it will delay what has already been committed to.

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The issue has received recent press coverage and we have written to all MSPs to inform them of the situation. We are hopeful that the Scottish Government will come into line with the rest of the UK soon.

To find out more about our allowances campaign in Scotland contact our campaigns team.


Allowances Survey

While England, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have national minimum allowances set by their respective governments, not all fostering services comply. Therefore every year The Fostering Network checks the allowances paid by all local authorities in England and Wales, and health and social services trusts in Northern Ireland, to ensure they meet national minimum levels, and campaigns for them to be brought up to these levels where they are falling short. 

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