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The Fostering Network is calling on everyone - including governments, social work professionals, fostering services, foster carers and adopters -  who plays a part in enabling children and young people to move within, or out of, the care system to be able to maintain their most important relationships.

This is the message behind our campaign, Keep Connected: Maintaining Relationships When Moving On.

About the campaign

The relationship between fostered children and their former foster carers is increasingly being recognised as extremely important to the development and wellbeing of the child.

In response to feedback from our members, we are campaigning on the importance of maintaining relationships between children and young people and their former foster carers.

Research shows the ongoing presence of an existing attachment figure, remaining available and continuing to have a supportive role, is vital in enabling a child to develop new attachments. However, foster carers have told us they have not been able to stay in contact with former fostered children despite the child wanting to stay in touch.

We are calling on the UK’s governments to develop guidance and regulations to help fostering services support the bond between foster carer and child as they move to another home.

For updates on this campaign and all our other campaigning, email our campaigns team.


Keep Connected: Maintaining Relationships When Moving On research report

This report outlines the findings of research undertaken by The Fostering Network on children and young people maintaining relationships with their former foster carers, and makes recommendations on how Governments in the UK can improve the current situation. Good relationships help to build trust, and help children create a sense of belonging and identity. All children need to understand their past and to build confidence in their ability to sustain relationships in the future.


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