Retired foster carer membership

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We believe that foster carers should be protected even after their fostering career has come to an end, which is why we offer membership for retired foster carers. Join today.

If you are no longer fostering, it is essential that you continue to be protected against the risk of allegation.

‘Four years after retiring, I found myself in a stressful situation as a result of the actions of a young person I’d previously fostered, and the legal helpline instantly gave me the reassurance and support I needed to get through the difficult time.’

Retired foster carer

Purchase retired foster carer membership

For just £18.50 per year, our retired foster carer membership provides market-leading legal protection insurance that covers the whole fostering family. This includes:

  • a legal helpline for expert advice on allegations and help with any legal queries 
  • attendance by a qualified and experienced solicitor should you, or any of your household, have to attend a police interview under caution as a result of an allegation
  • cover for up to £150,000 legal expenses if a criminal prosecution or civil proceeding is brought against you or any of your household as a result of an allegation
  • cover for Staying Put (or equivalent across the UK) and supported lodgings providers (for foster carers and former foster carers) who look after a young person up to the age of 25
  • cover for any allegations that happen during the period of your membership 
  • a completely confidential stress support service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round

Please note that you must be insured at the time the allegation is made in order to qualify for legal support. In addition, your retired foster carer membership must follow on directly from your foster carer membership. 

Retired members of The Fostering Network can access the legal helpline on 01384 885734. Please log in to download the legal protection policy.