Certificates of recognition and achievement

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Recognise your foster carers' commitment to fostering and the accomplishments of the children and young people you work with.

Long service certificate for foster carers

The long service certificate is a resource for fostering services to acknowledge your foster carers’ outstanding commitment and long service to fostering. 

Foster carers work tremendously hard to make a difference to children and young people’s lives every day. Making sure they are recognised and valued for their continued commitment and dedication is really important. 

Download the long service certificate

The certificate can be filled in on screen and we recommend printing it on thick certificate paper. 

The number of years’ service has been left blank for you to fill in. We recommend 10 years as a minimum for long service, but this can vary by fostering service.

Certificate of achievement for young people

The certificate of achievement provides fostering services with a resource for recognising the achievements of fostered children and young people and the sons and daughters of foster carers. 

There may be a particularly special achievement you are proud of and would like to acknowledge, for example improving school attendance, going outside of their comfort zone and trying a new activity, mentoring others in care or overcoming a challenge. Whether the achievement is big or small, it is important to celebrate the triumphs of the children and young people you work with to help them gain confidence and flourish.

Download the certificate of achievement

The certificate can be filled in on screen and we recommend printing it on thick certificate paper. As the certificate is in colour, you may prefer to get a batch printed professionally to ensure the colours are clear and bright.

The achievement has been left blank for you to fill in - please ensure this is kept to one line so that it is fully visible on the certificate.

Fostering Excellence Awards 

These certificates are just one way you can recognise your foster carers and young people. The annual Fostering Excellence Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in fostering and recognise those who make outstanding achievements in and exceptional contributions to foster care. Find out how you can nominate your foster carers, sons and daugthers, and fostered young people for an award.