Sons and Daughters Month

Sons and Daughters Month is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to celebrate the vital contribution the children of foster carers make to foster care.

Each October, The Fostering Network raises awareness of the important role children of foster carers play in a fostering household. We highlight how much they do for children and young people in care and how vital they are to successful fostering.

We also encourage fostering services across the UK to run events and activities to recognise, thank and reward sons and daughters for welcoming children into their families, for making them feel happier, safer and more loved. Moreover, we prepare certificates (in English and Welsh) and a thank you letter that can be sent to the children of foster carers to show how much you appreciate them. See below for more details.

Throughout October we are hearing from the children of foster carers much as possible. We share their stories, we talk about the challenges that growing up in a fostering family brings and the benefits it has. We make sure every child whose parents foster knows how much their contribution means to us and the fostering community as a whole.  

Two people we have heard from already are sisters Lydia and Roma Bright who grew up in a fostering family. They shared their experiences with us for our Sons and Daughters Month episode of our All About Fostering podcast which you can listen to below.

At our annual Fostering Excellence Awards, which take place in November this year, we have our Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters Award, sponsored by Williams Giles. You can watch a video about one of our previous winners below.


Time for change

Besides highlighting how vital the children of foster carers are, we will also be using Sons and Daughters Month 2021 to kick-start important change. From October onwards we will consult with our members, young people and other stakeholders to find a new name for the campaign going forwards. 'Sons and daughters' is a gendered terminology that we want to be replaced with a name that's more inclusive. 

We want our campaign to address every young person whose parents foster, no matter their gender identity. We want each and every one of them to feel seen and heard – not just as an integral part of the fostering family, but as people.

If you have a great idea of what Sons and Daughters Month could be called in the future, please let us hear your thoughts and email


Sons and Daughters Month for fostering services

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Sons and Daughters Month for fostering services