Sons and Daughters Month

Sons and Daughters Month is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to celebrate the vital contribution that the children of foster carers make to foster care.

Each October, The Fostering Network encourages fostering services across the UK to run events and activities to recognise, thank and reward children and young people for the important role they play in welcoming fostered children into their families.

We prepare certificates and thank you letters that can be sent to sons and daughters, and we also run a competition during the month for all young people living in fostering households. See below for more details.

Throughout October we also want to hear from the sons and daughters of foster carers as much as possible. This could be through our competition, through our magazine, or by other means such as social media. Two people we have heard from are, sisters, Lydia and Roma Bright who grew up in a fostering family and shared their experiences with us for our Sons and Daughters Month episode of our All About Fostering podcast which you can listen to below.

At our annual Fostering Excellence Awards, which take place during Sons and Daughters Month, we have our Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters Award, sponsored by Williams Giles. You can watch a video about one of our previous winners below.


Competition time!

As part of Sons and Daughters Month we are running a fancy dress competition for children and young people in fostering households. We are looking for fancy dress ideas which represent a favourite moment, event or aspect of fostering. For example:

  • the day you went to see the latest James Bond film at the cinema - you could dress up as a character from the film
  • the feeling of being cooked your favourite meal - dress up as roast chicken
  • getting a big hug from your sibling - dress up as a big red heart or a pair of warm, fluffy arms!
If fancy dress isn't for you then why not ask someone else in your household to wear your creation or simply photograph your outfit laid out flat!
It can be anything that represents a favourite aspect of living in a fostering household so start saving your cereal boxes, kitchen roll middles, egg boxes and milk containers! Once you are ready to share your entry with us, take a couple of photos (front and back) and fill in our competition entry form - opening soon.
Entries will be split into four age categories:
  • Seven and under
  • 8-11
  • 12-15
  • 16-21

Winners and runners up in each age group will be shown on this page after judging.

The closing date for entries is 31 October 2020.


Sons and daughters Month for Fostering Services

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Sons and Daughters Month for fostering services