Foster Bake

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Foster Bake is a great way to bring together friends, family and colleagues to enjoy some sweet treats whilst raising funds to help make a difference to fostered children and young people.

We’re calling all budding bakers to get baking and raise funds which will enable us to do even more to help children and young people in foster care to achieve the very best they can.

Holding a Foster Bake is a fun and simple way to support the work of The Fostering Network – and can be organised virtually anywhere. Whether it's in an office, school, college, university, coffee morning, village fete or even front outside your front door, Foster Bakes are a popular and successful way to have fun and make a difference.

If you’re not a Bake Off fan, check out our 25 Ways to Fundraise sheet for other fundraising ideas.

Are you ready to sign up?

Contact our fundraising team or fill in the registration form. As soon as you’ve registered, our fundraising team will be in touch to provide you with everything you need to hold a successful Foster Bake and raise lots of dough. Your fundraising pack will include:
  • Foster Bake fundraising guide
  • sponsorship form
  • donation form
  • poster
  • recipe inspiration!