Fundraising during COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation is affecting us all in many ways, and for The Fostering Network, it means that community fundraising activities and events have been postponed indefinitely. However, social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay away from fundraising. The Fostering Network has come up with a some ideas to help your fundraising thrive while everyone is safely indoors.

Digital ideas

1. Raise money with your online shopping

Online shopping is so useful at the moment as it offers zero contact and everyone is staying at home so will be in to receive their deliveries! Why not use this to fundraise at the same time?!

  • Amazon Smile: Shopping through Amazon Smile enables you amass donations on your items – at no cost to you. Amazon donates 0.5 per cent of your purchase price (on eligible items) and to register couldn’t be easier!
  1. Log in to Amazon Smile with your normal Amazon log in details
  2. Choose The Fostering Network as your charity of choice
  3. Shop as normal! Your purchases will create donations directly from Amazon to The Fostering Network so you won’t see anything different on your account.
  • The Giving Machine – for the rest of your online shopping, if you go via this website, it tells you what donation will be added to your total at the checkout (at no cost to you - the donation comes from the company).
  • With all the extra time at home, why not have a clear out and sell things online to raise funds for The Fostering Network? Use Ebay, Facebook Marketplace etc and donate your total to The Fostering Network

2. Social media

Networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more important than ever for reaching out to people who may support you while you are isolating. 

  • Set up a Facebook Fundraiser! If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up and can’t celebrate it in the wider world just yet, why not set up virtual collection and ask for donations in lieu of celebrations or presents? Consider birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc
  • If you are doing a challenge, you can put it Facebook Live or Instagram stories and encourage people to donate to your cause.
  • Share your fundraising page on your social media and explain what and why you’re doing your chosen fundraising activity (eg virtual steps challenge or sponsored silence etc)

3. Online giving pages

Set up an online giving page!

These services offer an easy (and contact free) way for people to sponsor you and are a handy way for you to update your supporters with your fundraising and training progress.


Food and drink ideas

  • Lunch and coffee money: If you are working from home, or avoiding your local shopping area, why not donate what you would normally spend on lunch or coffee, or both, to The Fostering Network? You could do this for one day or a whole week…or even month!
  • Master Chef or Bake-Off challenge: Ask friends or family members to use a set selection of the same ingredients and to come up with the most attractive dish or cake! Or set the challenge of using up whatever you have in the cupboards! Use Zoom to show each other your proud results and the host can decide who is the winner! Make a donation to enter into the competition! 
  • Night out money: While we are all having to stay at home, we would really appreciate you treating us to your night in by donating to us what you would normally spend on a night out.
  • Virtual quiz: You can host your own quiz online with friends and family! Ask for each player to donate to The Fostering Network in lieu of a prize or paying to enter a team! We recommend Zoom for ease of use and for supporting the more the merrier!
  • Virtual coffee morning: Catch up with your friends and family for a virtual coffee morning and donate to The Fostering Network!

Virtual Challenge ideas

Sign up and take part in a virtual challenge from the comfort of your own home. Set up an online fundraising page and ask for sponsorship for climbing the equivalent number of steps it takes to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower or cycle the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats on your exercise bike. Run a 10k – on your treadmill, march the length of the Coast to Coast on the spot, hold a sports relay in the garden or bounce on a trampoline non-stop for a few hours. The possibilities are endless and it’s a great way to get some training in too!

  • The 2.6 Challenge has been launched by the organiser's of the UK's largest mass participation events (including Virgin London Marathon) and it's aim is to get people exercisisng at home and raising money for their chosen charity so that charities don't lose out on vital income. If you would like to do this to raising fund for The Fostering Network then do get involved and let us know what you are planning! #twopointsixchallenge