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We are working with the Better Community Business Network and Mercy Mission UK to establish the Muslim Fostering Project - a project which will:

  • Undertake comprehensive research to understand the extent of barriers to recruiting and retaining Muslim foster carers.
  • Provide good practice advice to help remove these barriers and hence facilitate an increase in the number of Muslim foster carers.
  • Provide tailored information and support to these carers.

The Fostering Network is partnering with the Better Community Business Network (BCBN) and Mercy Mission UK to establish and run the Muslim Fostering Project.

BCBN is a Muslim-led organisation set up to identify worthwhile community projects and partner with credible charities. BCBN aims to work for the betterment ofsociety by helping to fulfil the corporate social responsibility of businesses and encouraging positive community participation.

Mercy Mission UK is a community development organisation with a track record of incubating projects of civic benefit.

About the Muslim Fostering Project

The Project has three key aims:

  1. Increase the number of Muslim foster carers: The project will engage with the UK's Muslim communities to educate and inform on how to become and thrive as a foster carer. It will build relationships with local authorities and provide essential cultural sensitivity training for their social workers to better understand the specific needs of Muslim children in care.
  2. Educate and support carers: The project will provide information and support to those carers who are not from a Muslim background and have Muslim children in their care. This will ultimately provide benefit to the children, as well as retaining foster carers within the system.
  3. Commission comprehensive independent research: Current statistics on religious background of children in care have to be extrapolated from the scant data that is available. A key component of this project is the commissioning of research to make reliable data available, and to help to better understand the extent of the problem in recruiting and retaining Muslim foster carers.

How you can help

Please join us at BCBN's fundraising Gala Dinner on 13 March 2017. The Gala Dinner will be a high-quality evening  of networking, dining and entertainment, and will provide an opportunity for your business or organisation to support this project.

Become a partner or sponsor, host your guests at a table, or buy a ticket.

Sponsorship packages: £1,500-£20,000 (see BCBN's website for more information)
Individual tickets: £120
To let us know you are interested in tickets or sponsorship, please complete this registration form.