Corporate support

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If your business is looking to partner with a leading and inspirational UK charity working with some of the most vulnerable children and young people across the UK today then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Partnering with The Fostering Network will provide you and your colleagues with an engaging and uplifting experience that fulfils many of your corporate responsibility goals while helping us to transform the lives and prospects of fostered young people.

​A child goes into care in need of a foster family every 20 minutes. These children have often experienced neglect and abuse, or have witnessed domestic violence or substance abuse. Whatever their experiences, all of them will be suffering the trauma of being separated from their own families and need love, support and stability.

Foster carers can provide these children with what they need, and often give them their first positive experience of family life. When foster care works well, it can transform children’s lives. The Fostering Network exists to ensure that all fostered children have the best possible experience of foster care. Children are at the heart of everything we do and we are focused on providing them the support that they need to achieve their goals.  

How your corporate support can help

Your corporate support of The Fostering Network could help to provide us with the funds that we need to change more young lives for the better.

Our experienced team will ensure that a corporate partnership with The Fostering Network is mutually beneficial for your organisation, ensuring that we deliver on your expectations for your team and deliver positive outcomes for the children and foster carers that we support.        

Your corporate support could help the development of new programmes and activities that enhance the care experience for fostered children, creating and delivering opportunities for them to learn, develop and grow into successful and confident young adults.

If your business is looking for a short or long-term partnership, if you are interested in a particular fundraising challenge for your business, or if you are part of a team at your workplace that wants to fundraise for fostered children then we would love to hear from you.  Our fundraising team has all the support, advice and guidance you need to make your fundraising a success.  

Fostering Friendly employers

The Fostering Network’s Fostering Friendly employers’ scheme helps employers to support and recognise the roles of their employees who foster. We do this by working with employers directly, and also by supporting foster carers and fostering services who are promoting fostering friendly employment locally.

If you are an employer that is interested in finding out more about how you can signal your support for foster care to your staff then please visit Fostering Friendly and learn about how you can become involved.