A week in the life of...from the children of Neath and Port Talbot

Neath and Port Talbot fostering service celebrated this years sons and daughters campaign with a spooky time for all at the seaside.

Children gathered with their families to take part in broomstick races along the seafront and in indoor games and craft activities.

Siblings, who are the children of foster carers in the Neath and Port Talbot area, have written a 'week in the life of...' diary to share their experiences of living in a fostering household.


I have 2 foster brothers in my family. They are the youngest children in our family and they are sometimes noisy and loud. Today they woke up early -as usual- and woke me up too as Mum tried to take them quietly downstairs. I tried to go back to sleep and ignore the loud chatting and noise from CBeebies as it just seemed too early to get up!

The boys were very excited today about starting rugby training. I tried to explain about tackling and tagging and we all ended up tackling each other in the living room which was noisy but fun. Some mercy shown to littlest ones! The boys were really proud to show me their new rugby jerseys and off they went. Peace for me.


My foster brother woke me up early again today. I have had a bad nights sleep as he has woken up shouting a few times in the night. I try to tell Mum I can't go to school but she just suggests an early night tonight.. not what I want at all! I go to school.

As I am lying on my bed with my phone and Ipad this evening, my youngest foster brother wanders in to chat to me. He is so funny and lively. He asks if he can have a try on my skateboard and tries to balance. He makes me laugh with his made-up words for songs and dancing about. 


I have slept better so get up happier for school this morning. My foster brothers have had their breakfast by the time I go downstairs so the first time I see them today is when they bang on the bathroom door to brush their teeth as I am in the bathroom.  The mornings are a bit rushed! I go to school.

The boys are usually busy eating at the table at teatime so we all get a chance to talk about our day. There are a lot of us around the table but we all have our own seats.

After tea, my youngest foster brother asks me to help him with his jigsaw puzzle which I do. He likes the Ninja Turtles and I help him for about 15 minutes before I go out to play football with my friends.


A fairly normal morning.. I wanted to stay in bed, Mum made me get up and go to school. My foster brothers were watching CBeebies so I watched that while I ate my breakfast. 

My mum had to drop me off early to football training tonight as my foster brothers had to be at their swimming lesson on time. I had to wait about 10 minutes in the cold. Sometimes it is annoying having lots of brothers and sisters. 

The boys were going to bed when I got back from football training. My mum was busy reading them a story so I went upstairs to chat about training and then when they were settled, Mum made me some supper. 


My foster brothers were excited this morning before school as they were going to see their Mum after school in their monthly contact. I went to school with my friends... looking forward to no school on the weekend.

I was sad for them at teatime when they were both upset because their contact with their Mum had been cancelled. My mum told them she would get them a treat to cheer them up.

My foster brother made me laugh. He pulled funny faces and started acting out any random thing we mentioned. We played a game tonight of matching pairs and he made the noises of every card we turned over... a horse, a cow, an aeroplane. It was so funny!

Sharing our lives and my parents is sometimes hard but is never boring... it’s sometimes FUN!

(photo by John Fry Freelance Photography)