Takeover Day!

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Hello, I’m Christophe and I’m 17 years old. After finishing my GCSE’s, I’m currently at Sixth Form studying Government & Politics, Law and English Literature. I personally feel education and knowledge is an important necessity that opens a wide range of doors.

So how did you get involved with the Children Commissioners Takeover Day?

During the summer, I did work experience with my borough, Kensington & Chelsea. The person who organised that rang me up and offered me the opportunity to take part in Takeover Day. They felt that because I valued the work experience over the summer, I’d find this scheme beneficial, which I have. 

What do you want to do in the future?

At this moment in time I plan on studying Law at university, and to then pursue a career as a Barrister. I find Law interesting for many reasons, but also because it deals with a variety of topics such as: moral understandings, social justice, etc. 

What do you think about fostering?

I don’t believe fostering can be defined as either or good or bad. This is mainly due to the fact each foster carer is different, so they treat situations differently. It also depends on the young person; if they don’t try to like foster care, they won’t end up liking it. Personally, I think fostering does help most young people, as it gives them a chance to live within a family environment. Something which isn’t always achieved. 

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