Vegas or Bust - four team managers drive to Spain!

Four team managers from Essex County Council are embarking on a trip into the unknown to raise money for The Fostering Network. Elise Lazell, Corrie Castleman, Elizabeth Markham and Tina Maryon will be discovering their inner Stig as they join in a banger rally, driving from England to Spain.

Elise explains more:

‘We have done some fundraising for The Fostering Network before, including climbing Ben Nevis a couple of years ago.  But we’re getting a bit older and have done the physical stuff, so now we wanted to do something a bit different.

‘A friend’s sister took part in a banger rally last year, and that sounded the sort of challenge we were after. A banger rally involves buying a car for less than £500 and then driving it a long way – in our case all the way to Spain – while completing challenges on the way. This year’s event is called Vegas or Bust.

‘We’re all really excited. It’s stirred our sense of adventure as we’ve never done anything like this. And the fact that we’re all women is very empowering. Our day to day roles are very responsible, so it’ll be nice to try something completely different.

‘We all work well together and have known each other for years, but we’ll see how spending time in close confinement for a few days tests us. We’re all relaxed and easy going, so I’m sure it will be fine.

‘More of a challenge will be if we break down. None of us have any mechanical skills. I have to call out the RAC if I get a flat tyre, and the other day I couldn’t even open the bonnet on my car! At least one of us is going to have to go to basic car mechanics evening classes I think.

‘My navigation skills aren’t great either, so I suspect we’ll be totally reliant on the satnav. We don’t actually know where we’re going yet – it’ll be somewhere in Spain – as they don’t release the destination until a couple of weeks beforehand.

‘My family are slightly bemused by the whole thing. And given my navigation and mechanical skills my teenage boys don’t rate our chances of getting there. Good job I’m going as part of a team!

‘We’ve all been fostering for a very long time and have been well supported by The Fostering Network, so raising money for them seemed an obvious choice.’





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