Thank you letter from our chief executive

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Dear foster carer

Foster carers hold a very special place at the heart of our communities.

There isn’t a time of day you’re afraid of being called upon, but we can’t expect you to run on empty. There isn’t a child’s need you will not work to meet, but we can’t allow you to be under resourced when trying to meet those needs. There is not a challenge you won’t rise to on behalf of the children you care for, but we can’t let you stand alone.

I am proud to be the chief executive of The Fostering Network. I am proud to lead the charity that campaigns on behalf of foster carers. I am proud of our role in the introduction of minimum allowances in England and Wales, of Staying Put and When I am Ready, our campaign for the introduction of placement limits, fair tax allowances for foster carers and our campaign to limit the impact of bedroom tax on foster carers.

We campaign and we work with and for foster carers and fostering services because as a collective voice we are stronger. Foster Care Fortnight is a prime example of the power of this collective voice. Millions of people up and down the country have seen foster carers in newspapers, heard them on the radio, watched them on TV and seen them on social media – all talking about how foster care benefits children who can’t live at home.

We know that the year ahead will bring challenges, such as our campaign to support contact between children and their former foster carers, the consistent implementation of post-18 care, allowances in Scotland, and the Government bringing refugee children to find sanctuary in the UK. We will continue to campaign and advocate for foster carers and children, and we know you’ll stand with us as we speak out on your behalf.

Here at The Fostering Network our promise is that we will continue to work for foster care as passionately, as eloquently, and as fiercely as you work for the children in your care. I know you won’t let us down, you never have, and I know we won’t let you down.

Here’s to another year of innovation, dedication, and love in foster care.

With heartfelt thanks

Kevin Williams

Chief Executive of The Fostering Network