Poetry on National Poetry Day

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It's the second day of our annual Sons and Daughters campaign and it also happens to be National Poetry Day!

Our poetry and short story competition, for all children of foster carers who are members of The Fostering Network and the fostered young people who live with them, is accepting entries until 13 October.

I wanted to share with you, on this most auspicious day for writers and poets, a superb entry into the competition from a young girl who had been studying writing at school.

The poem itself is a Japanese Tanka which uses a 5-7-5-7-7 structure and traditionally they don't rhyme. 

Fostering Magic

I love Fostering.
We get to meet sweet children.
We help them feel safe.
Our home becomes their home too
But we feel sad when they go.

By Ella Ronte, aged 9

I really like this poem because of its simple, but powerful, language and because Ella has decided to use a form of poetry that isn't often used in the UK which really brings the message of the love within a fostering family to life.

We have had so many brilliant short stories and poems entered into the competition so far and we hope to get many more over the next week or so. Please keep them coming and showcasing the writing talent from foster families right across the UK!