Joan reviews new edition of The Skills to Foster

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Our new edition of The Skills to Foster has been available for sale now for over two months. I’ve been talking with staff at fostering services to find out what they think of this new and rewritten edition. Read on to find out what Joan Frew from North Ayrshire Council thinks about The Skills to Foster- third edition 2014.

Having used the previous editions of The Skills to Foster, how do you think the new third edition compares?

The Skills to Foster - third edition is set at a much more professional level and is much more in-depth. I think the Handbook is fantastic! Each session has much more detail and you can pick out what suits you best to focus on. It’s great for foster carers to take away and use for their homework. The Handbook is great as part of an assessment and it helps the foster carers think about things they might not have known before.

How does the new edition meet the needs of foster carers in 2014?

I think the third edition gives the message we want – that we want to see foster carers see this as a profession. In terms of complexity of the needs of the children we see and they might have to look after, it gives recognition to the level of professionalism we’re asking for from foster carers in the current climate. It raises the bar of what foster carers need to know about looking after children and new legislation. The Handbook is something foster carers can dip into when needed even after approval.

Would you recommend this new edition to colleagues and other fostering services?

Yes I would recommend it. It deals with each individual session and gives a much more comprehensive view of what is required as a foster carer and the different skills you need. As a foster carer you’re doing a private job in a public forum. The Handbook is also a great resource for foster carers.

I’m aware that you made an effort to not change the price, and as there’s a lot of pressure on agency budgets it is good value for money.

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