"We get to experience a way in life that most other kids don't" - Sons & Daughters blog #15

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Most people think fostering is a cranky old woman/man who looks after some badly behaved children, for example the inaccurate program on the CBBC channel which only shows it from the foster kids point of view.

When actually nobody ever thinks about the foster carers child/children and how they feel about it, we get no choice in the matter. In a way its a good thing because we get to experience a way in life that most other kids don't get, but some times it would be nice to have our family's to ourselves. 

If I were to have a blog, I would talk to the kids/teens about their problems, questions or any general enquires about fostering or like how they can cope with being in this type of family. Trust me I know, because in my life I have had a lot of experience with baby's, kids, teens and adults who have come to us. I say us because me and my mum are a team and fostering is a family job. I would teach these kids/teens what I know and give advice on how to react and how not to, but most importantly how to make the most of it. 

Anon, 16