"I share my mum, sisters and brothers" - Sons & Daughters blog #13

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Some of the entrants in this year's blogging competition have kept their blogs short and sweet! Here are a few of our favourites:

Fostering is fun, happy and sad and it's not that bad.
I share my mum, sisters and brothers but most of all fostering brings love.

Thomas, 14

My mummy and daddy are respite foster carers, I like having different people come to stay with us but also "Tom" who stays every month.  Their mummy’s and daddy’s can’t look after them properly but we get to have fun with them and they join in our family.

Isabelle, 4

Our mum and dad foster and although the boys take lots of our mum and dad's time we love them.  Our mum and dad give us special time each. It would be nice to have mum and dad together sometimes. We hope that one of the foster children will be our new brother because he is very special.

Jordon and Kai, 8