"Helping a child and changing their life" - Sons & Daughters blogs special

Our blogging competition officially closed for entries last night; this year we've had more blogs than we've ever had! Our judges are reading them all and will have a really tough job picking the three winners, which we'll announce on Monday 4th November. We'd like to thank everybody who entered a blog; we had great fun reading them all and hope you all did too. Here are a bumper crop of blogs for you to enjoy!

I love fostering because I like playing with the baby and seeing him laugh! 
Laila, 6

I love fostering because I like kissing and cuddling the baby and playing with him. I want to foster again so I can play with another child.
Rio, 8

I love fostering because it is amazing to play with the children and talk to them especially when they are a baby. Not only is it helping people, but it is a wonderful experience with the child and when I get older I know that I am going to do something to help people in care just like my mum and dad. I love fostering and I am so exited every time my mum and dad bring a new baby home to look after. The only thing I worry about is when we have to say goodbye to the baby and I will miss the child so much.
Morgan, 12

I like fostering because I get lots of babies. I like helping my mum and dad getting them to sleep. I like having other children to play with. I would like to foster too.
Imogen, 6

I like fostering because I just love babies. I help my mum and dad by feeding the babies and making them sit up and changing their bums and putting them in the bath. I like babies because some of them sleep all night.
Ellysha, 8

I like fostering because I like looking after babies and like playing with them. I think fostering is good because the mam and dad can’t look after them. I help my mam and dad care for them by feeding them, bathing them and putting them to bed. I like reading to them like ‘The Little Puppy’.
Katie, 9

I like fostering because it gives a young baby a home. It gives them a better future in their life ahead. Fostering gives them a better home and makes them a part of a family. To me fostering means that I give them a better start in life. I think that more people should foster because it means that the children get to live a normal life. My foster baby likes me to read her stories and play with her.
Rachel, 12

Fostering means looking after kids for a while and playing games with them like hide and seek. I think kids need to be in foster care so they have a family like mine. I help my Mum by putting them in the bath and washing their hair, taking them to the park and watching them play, and also reading them a story at bed time.
David, 16

I love fostering because it gives me the chance to help other children; children who are less fortunate than myself, might not have a family or a safe home to go to. By fostering these children, I am giving them a happy family life experience. The best thing is to see the children happy with smiles on their faces, enjoying their ‘holiday’ with my family. There is no reward greater than to see a distressed or worried child enjoying the small luxuries in life and simply being happy. Although it can be upsetting for me to see them go and move on, it is reassuring to know that my family have taken part in helping a child and changing their life in a small, but important way.
Lydia, 14