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Our Cardiff-based team work directly with our members throughout Wales. We support foster carers and other professionals by delivering training, learning, research and advice and information services. Working with a range of partners across academia, statutory and third sector and including ADSS Cymru, Cascade and our Confidence in Care consortium partners, we have unrivaled expertise and knowledge to support excellence in foster care.

Find out the current numbers of fostered children and foster carers in Wales, as well as our latest recruitment targets, or read more about fostering legislation in Wales.

Confidence in Care

Confidence in Care is a five-year, Big Lottery funded programme aimed at training 1,500 foster carers in Wales to raise their Confidence and improve placement stability.

Based on social learning theory, the course has been designed by clinicians from King’s College, London. The course runs for 12 weeks and teaches foster carers different techniques to build positive relationships with the children and young people in their care.​

Working with our partners from Action for Children, Barnardo’s and TACT care, we deliver courses in each of the 22 local authorities in Wales, in a central location that is easily accessible to all participants. Sessions last 4 hours a week with a free lunch provided.

The course is open to both new and experienced foster carers, kinship carers, special guardians and residential centre staff working for local authorities or independent fostering providers. Participants must have a young person in their care between the ages of 2 to 18 where the placement is forecast to last for the duration of the 12-week course.

" It doesn’t feel like I’m in a classroom or being taught. It feels like a dialogue where I get the opportunity to learn a lot! "

For more information email Jessica Matthews, Programme Manager, or Josh Cope, Programme Officer or call the team on 029 2044 0940.

Fostering Excellence

The programme, funded from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Social Services Grant  Scheme, focuses on the principles of a stronger voice, a more skilled workforce and improved access to information, advice and assistance as enshrined in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

The programme is split in to seven strands of work that over the course of the programme we will be focusing on. They are:

  • Recruitment and retention of foster carers– We  work closely with local authorities, supporting them to improve recruitment and retention rates, drawing on our  many years’ experience of what works in Wales.
  • Implementation of a Foster Carers’ Charter for Wales – The charter sets out the roles and responsibilities of foster carers and social services. With this understanding in place, foster carers and social services can focus on improving the experiences of looked after children and young people
  •  Fostering Achievement Masterclasses – Based on recent research has highlighted the need for specialist training in Wales, Fostering Excellence will deliver masterclasses to foster carers, school staff, social workers and wider professionals across Wales, which will cover specialist topics such as SEN; the impact of attachment on learning; speech, language and communication; and ADHD.
  • Thrive: Young Voices, a dedicated magazine for looked after children– We work with young people to produce and publish the Thrive magazines. Acting as an important form of support for young people in foster care, it also enables young people to have their voices heard.
  • Young People and Foster Carer Ambassadors– Development of Wales’ first ambassador scheme  in fostering. Ambassadors have an important role in offering peer to peer support, promote fostering whilst speaking at events and working with other professionals to have a genuine role in championing  fostering services.  
  • Fosterline Wales advice line– Now in its tenth year, Fostering Excellence continues to build on the success of Fosterline Wales, increasing provision of information, advice and support with the development of a new online information hub.
  • A National Centre of Training Excellence in Fostering– Committed to developing a confident and competent workforce, Fostering Excellence deliver training to the fostering workforce throughout Wales.

For more information about Fostering Excellence email Maria Boffey, the Programmes and Business Development Manager, or call her on 02920 440940.


The National Centre of Traning Excellence in Fostering

We have a highly skilled bank of associate trainers to deliver our current portfolio of training and develop additional courses for us using their expertise. An extensive programme of open courses is planned for 2016, and we are also working with the Care Council to ensure that our training for social workers meets their CPEL requirements.

For more information see our training pages or email Sarah Mobedji, training and learning development service manager on or call her on 029 2044 0940.


Information, advice and assistance

The Fostering Network is able to provide unrivalled bi lingual information, advice and support to foster carers and other professionals. We operate the free bilingual Fosterline Wales helpline, open from 9.30am – 12.30pm daily.

We also operate an independent support service for local authorities and independent fostering providers, to provide an independent advocate when needed to foster carers.

Find out more about our independent support services.