Moving into Adulthood Online Open Course

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This training is being created to help support carers in a very different role. Continuing care can lead to young people potentially remaining with their carers until they are 21 or beyond depending on circumstances. Foster carers have primarily supported children through until they are 16 or 18 and in some rare cases for longer; the skills of a foster carer are therefore primarily around looking after children.

Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Online Training
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£122.40 (including VAT)

This training will explore the differences for carers in working with children and young adults. It looks at the legal differences in terms of their rights and what they can legally do aged 16 and 18, how and why 'house rules' may differ and how foster carers can support young adults to make choices around education and employment and help them develop the key skills they will require as adults to move on to independence.

The training will be delivered via zoom with a mixture of presentation and trainer guided exercises throughout. All participants will need a stable internet connection with a camera and microphone.

To book a place on this training course, please complete and return the booking form.

For further information please contact Joy Crawford, Learning & Development Co-ordinator via telephone 0141 204 1400 or email

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