Fostering Co-production: (co-production in practice with children who are looked after)

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This two-day course will provide practitioners with knowledge and skills to work co-productively with children and young people and review their systems to embed co-production within their organisational practices.

Tuesday, 21 April, 2020 to Wednesday, 22 April, 2020
Start time: 
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Rombourne 33 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9HB
Registration cost: 
£234.00 (including VAT)


This course is delivered by Sarah Mobedji, Learning and Development Manager and Associate Trainer Alain Thomas.

Alain delivers research, evaluation, organisational development and training services to public and third sector organisations in Wales, other parts of Europe and the developing world. As an associate of The Fostering Network, he has facilitated numerous fostering focus groups to review and strategic plan and evaluate fostering initiatives. Participatory approaches underpin all Alain’s work and he has a particular interest in how they can be applied to a wide range of processes including, research, evaluation, public engagement, organisational development, and facilitation. He is on a personal mission to increase awareness and usage in Wales, of these intuitive and effective methods, which are particularly well suited to a co-production approach.

Course overview:

  • The Welsh context, principles, definitions and practice models
  • Core skills – what are they, why needed and how to develop them
  • Sharing power, relationships with carers and children/young people
  • What works – the views of young people and fostering scenarios
  • Research findings from Dr Jennifer Lytton-Smith
  • Commissioning, design, implementation, evaluation
  • Asset mapping and stakeholder analysis
  • Embedding culture change
  • Changes to procedure and practice
  • Organisational audit and action planning

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