The Skills to Foster: Train the Trainers (England)

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Enabling participants to develop training skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering pre-approval foster care training linked to assessment.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020 to Thursday, 2 July, 2020
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The Fostering Network, 87 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HA

The aim of this course is to enable participants to develop training skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering pre-approval foster care training linked to assessment.

To enable participants to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the Skills to Foster pre approval training course. This is an introductory level course aimed at those who have little or no experience of delivering training.

The course presenters were excellent and I found the whole course beneficial. Having to do a presentation in front of the group provided me with the opportunity to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of my presenting style within a safe environment.”

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Learning outcomes

This course will enable participants to:

  • To identify individual learning and training styles
  • To explore what makes a good presenter
  • To improve confidence in facilitating groups
  • To provide an opportunity to work in partnership with others
  • To consider effective ways to work with groups using different training methods
  • To plan, deliver and evaluate a short training session
  • To become familiar with the Skills to Foster 3rd edition


Why use The Skills to Foster approach?

We believe The Skills to Foster Assessment is the best approach to assessing potential foster carers. The approach has the following benefits:

  • Using this approach will ensure consistent, high quality assessment of potential foster carers
  • The process is fostering specific, placing emphasis on duties particular to foster care, ensuring applicants have an adequate support network and making provisions for the sons and daughters of foster carers. It actively involves the applicant, making sure they are aware of what being a foster carer involves and how they can be a positive role model for the children and young people they look after
  • It is easy to use and easy to adapt and customise to reflect your recruitment process and needs.

By using both The Skills to Foster: preapproval training and the assessment process to assess your foster carers, we estimate that you can provide evidence for over 70 per cent of the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care.

Featured publication

The Skills to Foster, 3rd edition

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  • 30 June - 2 July 2020
  • 22 - 24 September 2020
  • 24 - 26 November 2020
  • 16 - 18 March 2021


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