Free online webinar: Managing online gaming and digital safety for young people in care

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Designed for foster carers, these free webinars will explore the online gaming world. The webinar will explore the associated benefits and risks for young people in care; and strategies to help them to manage online gaming and how to look after their wellbeing.


Please note that these webinars are for foster carers in Wales only.

Online gaming is a very popular activity for children and young people because it can be fun, sociable, interactive and provides opportunities for them to learn and solve problems. For young people in care, online gaming can have a positive impact on development and wellbeing by helping to increase confidence, develop new skills and provide opportunities to create friendships and connections with peers.

However, with a huge rise in the use of online games, there are concerns about the types of games and players who are online, the impact of too much online gaming and the effect it is having on young people. Research shows that the increased use of mobile phones, consoles and online gaming platforms can have an impact on a young person’s wellbeing, such as changes in behaviour, performance at school, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

These webinars will introduce foster carers to the variety of online gaming platforms, how young people are engaging with them and what impact it can have on aspects of their life.

The webinars will:

  • introduce online gaming and the different consoles and apps that young people are using
  • explore the positives and benefits of online gaming for young people in care
  • explore and understand the challenges and risks created by online gaming; and how young people in care may be more vulnerable to these
  • help foster carers identify the signs of positive and negative online gaming activities
  • discover some of the important principles and strategies around how to encourage young people in care to stay safe online and manage online gaming through a safer caring approach
  • provide top tips and advice for foster carers to help develop tools to support young people
  • introduce other additional resources and websites that can provide support and advice.

Booking your free place

To book and confirm your place on one of these webinars, please follow the relevant link below:

Thursday 17 September, from 7 – 8.30pm.  

Tuesday 22 September, from 7 – 8.30pm.

Wednesday 23 September, from 12.30 – 2pm.

When booking, please select just one date to attend. We expect the webinars to be popular, so please book early in order to secure your place. The webinars will be hosted on the digital platform Zoom and we will send further details once bookings are confirmed.

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