Understanding the Fostering Services National Minimum Standards, Regulations and Statutory Guidance (England)

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Outlining the changes that came into force in England in April 2011.

In-house or at a venue of your choice

Forster care is a highly regulated area of practice, governed by a wide range of regulations, statutory guidance and national minimum standards (NMS).

This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the key elements of the statutory framework relevant to working with foster carers and the children placed with them. It is continually updated to reflect all the latest amendments to regulations and guidance as they occur.

The focus will be on what you need to do in practice to meet the legal requirements and we will help you to put a plan of action in place.

Very thorough training which catered appropriately to a mixed room of professional roles. Very informative but also allowed appropriate discussions and was clear on the difference between statutory legislation guidance and ideal best practice, I think it would be useful for all childcare staff to attend this course.

Previous participant

This course is aimed at...

  • fostering agencies and, local authority fostering services, including social workers, managers, members of fostering panels and decision-makers
  • foster carers
  • children's social workers and everyone who works with children in foster care.

The course can be customised to meet the needs of either specific or mixed groups and to take account of your local priorities. Inclusion of foster carers and children's social workers is particularly encouraged.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable participants to:

  • understand the up-to-date requirements of fostering regulations, statutory guidance and National Minimum Standards (NMS)
  • acquire an overview of related relevant regulations and statutory guidance which impact on fostering services
  • consider practice implications of the statutory framework, and how to evidence compliance
  • understand the duties in relation to Staying Put
  • review the use of delegated authority

The focus will be on what you need to do in practice to meet the legal requirements, and we will help you to put a plan of action in place.

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