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Many social workers and foster carers deliver training for their agency and these courses will enable participants to develop training skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering pre-approval foster care training linked to assessment and induction training for new foster carers.

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Click on the course title to see a sample of the aims and objectives. Courses can be bought individually, or as a package.

Skills to Foster Leaders Course

3 day course.


To enable participants to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the Skills to Foster pre-approval training course.


  • To familiarise participants with the third edition of the Skills to Foster pre-approval training course
  • To introduce participants to adult learning theory in relation to programme design and facilitation
  • To provide an opportunity to practice the skills needed to lead the Skills to Foster course
  • To provide an opportunity to experience working in partnership with others by planning, preparing and delivering a presentation

By the end of the course participants will have

  • Become familiar with training material in the second edition of the Skills to Foster
  • Evaluated their own preparation, presentation and co-working
  • Observed and evaluated sessions presented by other course participants
  • Recognised the training skills they already possess and those they may need to develop further


Pathways through Fostering

2 day course.


Trainers who want to refresh their skills as course leaders, in order to deliver Pathways through Fostering training


The aim of the course is to enable participants to develop their existing training skills and knowledge, in order to adapt and deliver induction-level training to foster carers on Pathways through Fostering topics.

  • Attachment
  • Behaviour
  • Contact
  • Safer caring
  • Health
  • Education


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have experience working in partnership to plan, prepare and deliver a training activity
  • Develop skills to observe and evaluate training presentations from others
  • Understand how the Pathways through Fostering curriculum can be used to structure induction-level training for foster carers


Look Both Ways: Digital Technology

Social Networking & Fostering


This course aims to help participants develop both practical training skills and a working knowledge of the Looks Both Ways social-networking toolkit needed to lead dynamic sessions and workshops for others.


Throughout the day participants will:

  • Learn more about social networking, and its implications for young people and the fostering household.
  • Explore the role of the trainer.
  • Develop their understanding of adult learning theory and learn a variety of ways of training others to meet their needs.
  • Gain experience of planning, preparing and delivering a training activity from the Look Both Ways toolkit.