Staying Put: In Practice

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The aim of the course is to develop a greater understanding of staying put and review current practice when considering ‘staying put’ arrangements.

In-house or at a venue of your choice

The course objectives

  • Clarifying the new legal duty on staying put arrangements
  • Consider the messages from the Statutory and Good Practice Guidance
  • Consider implications for local care planning and practice implementation

This course is aimed at

... both social workers and foster carers to enable shared learning and group focus on different roles and responsibilities.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable participants to

  • understand the new legal duty on staying put arrangements
  • discuss and share ideas to support good practice
  • consider the statutory guidance, good practice guidance and agency frameworks for staying put
  • consider finances that may enable a ‘staying put’ arrangement
  • consider emerging issues that arise between the transition from a foster placement to a staying put arrangement
  • review their own staying put policy, procedures and practice issues for young adults, carers and social workers
  • explore ways to support effective implementation of ‘staying put’ arrangements locally

A must for anyone trying to ensure staying put is delivered consistently, effectively and in line with the Good Practice Guide. This course equipped staff with the tools needed to support foster carers and provided in depth knowledge on the new duty.

Previous participant.

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