Managing allegations and standards of care

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Develop your understanding of abuse allegations and complaints made against foster carers.

In-house or at a venue of your choice

This course aims to enable participants to develop their understanding of abuse allegations and complaints made against foster carers, and of the procedures used to manage such allegations and complaints.

It is based on the guidance Managing Allegations and Serious Concerns about Foster Carers’ Practice and Standards of Care, written by the Fostering Network for the DfE.

I found the whole course useful, especially sharing the training day between foster carers and fostering social workers. The discussions on how to better support and advocate for foster carers undergoing investigation was particularly useful.

Previous participant

This course is aimed at...

...fostering service managers, family placement workers, social workers and any staff who may be involved in investigating allegations and complaints against foster carers.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable participants to:

  • develop a balanced and realistic understanding of allegations and complaints in foster care
  • consider how everyone involved in fostering can play a part in minimising the incidence of allegations of abuse
  • examine implications for policy and procedures for managing allegations and complaints in relation to the DfE guidance 
  • explore the availability of quality support for carers and their families during an allegation.

Featured publication

The Fostering Network’s Allegations Against Foster Carers Signpost booklet.

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