Empowering Language in Foster Care: Navigating Verbal Abuse and Systemic Therapy Solutions

This free to attend webinar for our foster carer and fostering service members focuses ON verbal abuse BY ADULTS and its traumatic effect on our young people. It will then aim to provide attendees with narrative solutions (based in systemic therapy), which can be used when we work with and care for young people.

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About this webinar:

Jessica Bondy is the founder of the new charity ‘Words Matter’ which is campaigning for proper recognition of childhood verbal abuse. She will be speaking about why she set up the charity, her personal experience of verbal abuse, and the research Word’s matter has conducted and is now using to evidence the need for change.  

Let’s build children up, not knock them down. Words matter.

Linda Hill is Director and co-founder of Lika Family Fostering, a therapeutic fostering agency based in London rated by OFSTED as Outstanding.  She will be showcasing some pivotal systemic therapy practices, focusing on language, meaning, and relational dynamics within foster care and how these can be used to create change for foster children

There will be opportunity for a Q & A session during the webinar. 

The free webinar is available for members of The Fostering Network, including foster carers and organisations.


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For more information contact practice@fostering.net 

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